Rob Sivulka
I serve as the president of Courageous Christians United. I also run,, and MuhammadLied.Info. I have done outreaches to Jehovah's Witnesses, even to the Watchtower headquarters in Brooklyn, NY, and have lectured and taught courses on Watchtower theology. I reside in West Jordan, UT with my wife Tara and our two daughters: Charis and Zoe.



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My Hobbies:Fishing, skiing, surfing, hiking, basketball, watching football, reading, movies
Favorite Music:Christian; worship; classical--especially choral; dance; country
Favorite Books:Bible (Proverbs); anything C. S. Lewis
Favorite Movies:Woodlawn; Facing the Giants; Napoleon Dynamite; Emma; Sense and Sensibility; The Lord of the Rings; The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe; To End All Wars; Braveheart; The Passion; The Last of the Mohicans
Favorite TV:Fox News
Favorite Websites: